Monday, October 19, 2009

WesTech Engineering, Inc Ground Breaking Oct. 16th

I've was so excited to shoot this corporate event for WesTech. WesTech is a water process engineering company in South Salt Lake. They had a groundbreaking event for their new building. The company has grown so much in the last couple years they're bursting at the seams. So, time for a 60,000 square foot building, right?

 WesTech is an employee-owned company, so instead of having their guests of honor be the CEO, President, Board of directors and architects, they decided to have employees select other employee owners to do the honors! There were two groups of people to do the digging. In the second picture, the CEO did get in on the action after the crowd cheered him up there.

The typical guests of honor did get together for a few pictures though. This is the CEO in the CAT, with the board of directors, architects, general contractors, and president of the company posing for some pictures.

 They then let the guys hop in the CAT and fill in the big hole. I think they had a good time. Below is the previous CEO, now board member, below him the President of WesTech.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hey guys,

This weekend has been mad! I had a Corporate Event shoot on Thursday, then this weekend we've been celebrating my birthday all weekend. So, no full post today... but a preview of what I'll post in a day or two of the groundbreaking ceremony!



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Michelle and Brian One Year Later

I first shot Michelle and Brian a year ago yesterday, for their wedding! Now they had me do their first anniversary pictures. We had a blast up Butterfield canyon taking some fun casual shots.

This next shot was my favorite of the day. What a fun couple!
This was an accidental moment I caught. They really love each other.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Homecoming - Madeline and Chris

Madeline decided she wanted some better pictures than the school photographer offered, so we did a shoot at her house and in her neighborhood. They are such a cute couple. So young and in love. It was fun doing a formal shoot without the craziness of a wedding. I very much enjoyed this shoot!

This next shot was done specifically for Madeline's mother. She likes the touch of color photos, and this one is for her.

This next one was inspired by a picture Madeline has of her and Chris making a heart with their hands. An ode to their relationship.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I can't believe how much Rebekah has grown this year! Usually I prefer brighter shots, especially for babies, but she's turning into such a girl now, and the light outside was so blue, I used more of an urban style for these. Pretty fun!

This last one I couldn't resist... it was a lot of fun to play with digital editing and make a truly fantastical picture. I hope she likes it!

Pin-up Photoshoot for Bobbie

I did this photo shoot for my sister Bobbie, last fall. She was auditioning to be in a pin-up calendar. This was the first year with my sweet Candy (That's my camera...) and before I had photoshop. I used rudimentary editing that was available on an online version. (it's slow and clunky and limited) But still had a little fun with her pics.